My Story – Why Lari?

I come from a background of working in the fashion industry as a model. Although often very hard work I loved being part of a creative team to help bring a collective vision for the future to life. 
It really took a whole team to get the perfect picture. 
Everybody’s role, whether designer, make up artist, stylist, photographer or model, was regarded as being equally important. 

As a model I would offer my interpretation of how the clothes should be worn but the image created and photographed would fail if it were not for the quality of hair and make-up and the cut and flow of the dress or outfit.  Talent and experience were required in every aspect of the team’s work. It was in this creative environment that I learned to appreciate the value of quality and perfection. The photo-shoot would not be a success if one of the team did not do their job properly.

During my career as a model I also used to blog, a medium I loved because it was another way for me to be creative and express who I am and what I believe in through fashion products. 

It was a natural progression for me to decide to set up a hair extension business.  I had observed on many occasions the difference that good hair and styling can make. It not only made me feel good in front of the cameras but also influenced what people thought about me. I had so much fun experimenting with, and showing off, so many different hair styles and lengths that I wanted to make a difference for all women who want to better express who they are through the quality of their hair and its styling.

I believe that a woman’s style introduces her before she speaks. This is why I am so passionate about Lari and its hair extension opportunities. Women use extensions to achieve a look that they know cannot be achieve with their natural hair, whether seeking length, volume of straightening. 

Quality is fundamental to the best hair extensions. The better the quality the more natural the extensions are going to look and they will last much longer than poorer quality products. Superior quality enables a woman to treat the extensions just like she would her own, natural hair and she can wash, style, colour and even cut, just like she would without the extensions. 

For people like me who love to use and experiment with hair extensions it is very upsetting to be supplied with poor quality products. I have personally experienced bad products.  Some years ago, I travelled to Miami with my best friend to celebrate my birthday. I was so excited about this trip and wanted to look my best, so I ordered hair extensions from a well-known UK based company. 
The hair looked great until I got to Miami and went to the beach. 
I do not know if it was the heat or the salt water, but my hair turned into a “bird’s nest”. 
It took my friend two hours to comb through the hair. 
I was so upset it almost ruined my holiday and I could not risk getting my hair wet again, which limited my enjoyment of the beach etc. I promised myself to never use that company again and since November 2015 I have been looking to find an alternative supplier who I can trust and with the quality I appreciate to be so important. 

I have yet to find one.  This is why I decided that there is a problem in the hair extensions market that I could address by creating my own business and by applying my own standards and expectations to how I can build up the business for my customers. There is much room for improvement in the quality of what is on offer and I have made it my mission to make a difference and to give women a better choice.

I love that we live in an era where customers like to identify with brands. Hence I want to create a brand for my hair extensions that attracts, inspires and satisfies women who appreciate and understand the messages I want to put out about quality. In addition to being recognized for the extension products being among the best on offer in UK, I want to widen my services to include tutorials on hair extension installation and styling, especially through Lari’s social media accounts and on my web site. 

I learned a lot of styling tips, tricks and techniques from hair stylists when I was modeling and my life as a fashion blogger taught me how to create captivating content that can help women envisage how they want to look with their new hair styles. 
I appreciate that it is very important for me to have a close relationship with my customers and thus help them feel that Lari has genuinely been created just for them

This is why I want to create Lari to be totally unlike other hair extension companies in London and the rest of UK. 


 My Vision for Lari

My vision for Lari is to create a recognisable, premium brand that covers the hair needs of women of all ethnicities
and that it can become the number one on-line shopping destination for hair extensions and, in due course, related hair products.

In achieving my vision I want to draw upon my own core values so that my business values will be:

  • Providing best possible quality in all product I can offer;
  • Aiming for the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction; 
  • Ensuring that all my materials are ethically sourced whenever possible; and,
  • Creating a fun environment for my customers as well as my business colleagues. 

Underlying these values will be my belief in offering an authentic and honest brand, that excites and inspires all age groups to enjoy what they do with their hair and to feel good about it. Buying a premium product can make women feel luxurious.

I will also seek to provide for all women, no matter their hair type, and there will be opportunities to set trends for the industry. Lari will be a brand that customers can turn to with confidence. I want to offer close relationships with all my customers so that we can grow our ideas together. I hope it will be a two-way creative experience that will be the envy of all my competitors and imitators. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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